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Start planning your dream wedding

The destination wedding checklist


By or start for your south wedding

  • Here is a list of steps that will help you plan your future wedding in the South.It is quite difficult to navigate, know where to start and
  • especially to not forget anything! Contact one of our southern wedding specialists or visit us at our travel agency in Longueuil.
  • It is possible to plan your future wedding on the beach as well as your remote honeymoon. When you have a wedding specialist
  • travel agent, it’s simple to do that from the comfort of your home. It is also possible to make an appointment and to arrange a
  • meeting in the place of your choice.
  • Is it simple?
  • Yes it is very simple because we have a lot of experience. Once you have chosen one of the resorts that we have proposed, more than 60% of work is completed.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for information.

The Steps of a Destination weddings:

18 to 6 months
  • Set your budget
  • Select your wedding style (Symbolic, Legal, Catholic …)
  • Choose your destination and hotel with us
  • Choose the date of your departure (Advice: Do not choose Christmas, Passover, Spring break, construction holidays because the
  • cost is much higher).
  • Ask us for a price quote
  • Make your decision and book
  • Get the legal prerequisites for the country
  • Send invitations (tip: Indicate destination, hotel name, price and payment period, deposit and final payment and contact information.)
  • Select the outfits for the wedding
6 to 4 months
  • Choose the à la carte options for your resort (Restaurant, place of your ceremony, flowers …)
  • Follow up with guests who have not booked yet
  • Sign up for a gift list and buy your rings
4 to 2 months
  • Finalize the outfits for the wedding
  • Find excursions for your group
2 to 1 month
  • Final fitting session for your wedding outfits
  • Shop clothes for your holidays
  • Confirm the latest details with us
  • Upon your arrival
  • Meet your wedding coordinator at your hotel to check the documentation and make the final selection of flowers, cake and venue
  • Explore the entire complex to identify the best places to take your dream photos


Wedding day
  • Relax and enjoy your day

How to start the process for your wedding under the sun

The advantage of booking a wedding group trip several months in advance, is first and foremost the price of travel packages, lower price protection, discounts on early bookings and freebies compared to the numbers of people you will be . The more you are, the more you are rewarded. For example, from 11 guests or 10 reserved rooms, some hotels will offer you their basic wedding package for free. Some wholesalers like Vacance Transat, Air Canada Vacations, Holidays

Sunwing and Signature will offer you free rides from the 11th passenger. All you have to do is pay the taxes.Choose a hotel and an approximate date for your wedding so that we can get in touch with the hotelier. So we can book your date for your wedding day. This date may not be available at the chosen hotel. The sooner you are, the more you make sure you have your date and the time required to prepare the necessary post-wedding preparations. Then contact us by phone and or, come and meet us at the agency. You can also click on the Marriage South tab to complete our form. Once received, our consultant will answer you as soon as possible. (24 to 72 hours).
You can contact us for questions related to your future wedding in the South. Call us today at 514-554-2820 or 1-866-973-4378 or visit us at our travel agency in Longueuil. South Quebec Wedding 418-476-8278

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