Why Destination Weddings

Here are some benefits of a wedding in the sun

Why get married in the south?


Do you dream of saying your wedding wishes in a tropical paradise setting? In addition to being possible, it is achievable.

The price of a wedding in Quebec is usually estimated at $ 15,000 or more. While the price of a wedding in the south will cost you less than $ 5,000. It all depends on the wedding package you have chosen. Some hotel chains offer you their wedding package for free, with a minimum number of rooms reserved.

In Quebec, with changing temperatures, you have to celebrate your wedding in the summer or fall. Tell yourself that getting married at your destination is all year long. So if you like a date and you really want it, you do not need to limit yourself to 5 months. You have a special date, go ahead and ask us.

Generally, the ceremony, the celebration and the party take place in different places. In the south, everything takes place in the same place. In addition, you have the setting of an exotic and paradisiac environment. In Quebec, the duration of a marriage is one day minimum. A wedding in the south lasts a whole week and can even continue on a honeymoon the following week or even started on your arrival. Usually for a honeymoon after a wedding in Quebec requires additional organization and an additional budget is required.

Sometimes the guest list is long, including acquaintances and friends of the family. With a wedding in the south, your wedding will be more intimate and your guest list will be much more pleasant and close to you. A wedding requires a lot of preparation and your time. Especially during the days preceding the ceremony. Let the wedding coordinators take care of you in the south. Much less stress and more time for you.

For you to see or would you like to make your ideal wedding. In the idyllic Caribbean or in the Caribbean, completely beautiful. The choices are infinite. Save time and money and get married in the south.

The benefits of booking a destination wedding


When you book a wedding group trip with South destination Wedding Agency you will get:


  • $ 500.00 travel credit applicable on your wedding anniversary trip.
  • Upper seat selection for the couple.
  • $ 100.00 credit excursion for the couple.
  • A free wedding site.
  • Your guests will get $ 25.00 credit on a future trip booked with our Fiesta / South Wedding Travel division.
  • Price reduction guarantee (applicable on certain carriers only)
  • In addition we offer promotions and value added to the bride and groom. Visit our wedding promotion page.
  • * Certain conditions apply.


We offer a free wedding website to our brides and grooms (see example) in the section (wedding website). You can use it as an electronic wedding invitation.

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