Destination wedding and honeymoon planner in Quebec

Are you dreaming of saying your wedding vows in a tropical paradise setting?

Not only is it possible, but it can be done at a low cost… Let’s compare!

Getting married in the south: price

Usually, the average costs for a wedding here in Québec are estimated at $25,000 or more, while in an exotic destination, it will cost you less than $6000. (It all depends on the chosen package and the destination.)

Where to get married in the south

There are several locations to choose from in the Caribbean. We recommend an all-inclusive resort recognized for destination weddings and for the quality of its wedding packages. Tell us the place of your dreams…

When to get married in the south

With the temperatures here in Québec, you have to celebrate your wedding during the summer. But a destination wedding can be held year-round. So if you like the date and you’re really set on it, there’s no need to limit yourself to the summer!

Why get married in the south?

In Québec, a wedding lasts one day. A wedding in the south, on the other hand, lasts all week long. You’ll have the chance to spend a week with your loved ones. What could be better than a wedding in the south and a dream vacation?
Our goal is to help you organize this marvellous day while putting idyllic locations within your reach at the best prices thanks to our wedding packages. The dream of a ceremony on the beach or a large dinner with a view of the sea and the sun in the middle of winter is accessible thanks to our various wedding packages in the south !  

Whatever your budget, your wedding deserves the best organization and reception for you and your guests. First, let your desires speak with our wedding ceremony and organization specialists, and choose the place that makes you happiest. Do you prefer a bohemian wedding on the beach, a chic reception in a hotel in paradise, or a fun party in a warm, tropical atmosphere? Once the spirit of your event has been determined, plan the duration of your stay and add a honeymoon to your package if you want. What makes weddings so magical is, of course, the presence of your loved ones, the people you love celebrating love on this important day. So you should determine with your advisor the number of guests you want to invite, whether it’s an intimate family wedding or a giant festive gathering. Finally, choose the package that suits you the best. Based on your desires and needs, Mariage Sud helps you find the perfect combination between the destination, the establishment, the event format, and the services provided, completely suited to your budget. Let us know your desires and the budget you want to devote to them, and we’ll put together your perfect wedding.

You’ll definitely find something to make you happy from among our different types of wedding packages. Indeed, most of the hotels in our selection offer a wide variety of rates and activities for your wedding. Mariage Sud helps you find the ideal package that will meet your expectations and enchant your guests. By taking your budget, your personality, the number of guests, the style of atmosphere, and the destination you want into account, we take care of finding the best offers available to you at the best prices! As each couple is unique, we support you to offer you the best experience of a customized wedding in the south.

Privileged partners

We work with privileged partners to offer you benefits for your destination wedding. These partners offer discounts on your trip or your wedding package.
First, we offer you these hotel chains.
We offer added values to your wedding.

Type of wedding in the south

It’s possible to celebrate several types of weddings in the south.

Here are a few examples:

LGBT wedding – Gay wedding

It’s possible to celebrate a legal wedding between people of the same sex.

Currently, a legal LGBT wedding is only possible in Mexico. It’s possible to celebrate a gay/LGBT wedding in the Dominican Republic.

In this case, however, the wedding will have to be symbolic.

Group accompaniment service

We offer accompaniment service for your group wedding.

Free with any reservation of 50 people or more.
If you want your wedding planner to accompany you, no worries: we offer this service at a low cost. The coordinator can translate the wedding ceremony into French.

How does a destination wedding unfold?

It’s very simple. You’ll meet the wedding planner at your hotel the day after your arrival. They’ll give you a tour of the hotel, and the wedding venues in particular. If you choose the option of a private dinner, you’ll have a chance to see the venue, and you can choose the placement of the tables and much more. The same goes for the private reception. They’ll give you a tour of the site of your wedding ceremony. You’ll settle the final details with them. Nothing prevents you from changing locations during your visit to the site. If it’s available, they’ll do it. 90% of the steps are done with us before your departure, and 10% are done at the destination with your coordinator.

Basic wedding package and free wedding package

Meeting with the coordinator

  • 12:00 to 3:30pm – Preparation of the bride and groom and the guests, meeting with the coordinator
    4:00pm – Wedding ceremony
    4:30pm – Celebratory toast
    5:00pm – Cocktail party for your guests
    5:00pm – Wedding photo session
    6:00pm – Semi-private dinner
    7:00pm – Cake service
    7:30pm – End of the meal
    8:00pm – Several options are available to you

Basic wedding package with the addition of a private reception (recommended)

Meeting with the coordinator
12:00 to 3:30pm – Preparation of the bride and groom and the guests, meeting with the coordinator
4:00pm – Wedding ceremony
4:30pm – Celebratory toast
5:00pm – Cocktail party for your guests
5:00pm – Wedding photo session
6:00pm – Semi-private dinner
7:00pm – Cake service
7:30pm – End of the meal
Change of venue or room, if necessary
8:00pm – Start of the private reception
11:00/11:30pm – End of the reception Nightclub or other location

There’s a wide variety of options available to you. For example, you can request a later dinner or have a 2-hour cocktail party with free canapé service or with service. Combine a private dinner with your reception on the beach with a DJ or a live band. Tell us what you want. Describe your ideal wedding, the one you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. With your information, we’ll be able to make realistic suggestions with your specific requests while respecting your budget.


Here’s what’s included in a basic wedding package:


What you can add as an extra if it’s not included in the package you’ve chosen:

  • Wedding coordinator service
  • Venue of the ceremony (on the beach, chapel, gazebo, terrace, garden….)
  • Basic decoration for the venue of your ceremony
  • Music during the ceremony
  • Cocktail party (celebratory toast)
  • Semi-private dinner
  • Wedding cake
  • Bouquet for the bride
  • Corsage for the groom
  • Celebrant (symbolic wedding)
  • Minister (legal wedding)
  • Hairdresser
  • Makeup artist
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Wedding dress preparation service
  • Wedding photographer
  • Bachelorette party/Bachelor party
  • Private dinner
  • Private reception (on the beach, ballroom, garden, gazebo, rooftop terrace…)
  • Fireworks
  • DJ
  • Music group (live band)
  • Illuminated dance floor
  • Projector for a video presentation

Voici les inclusions d’un forfait mariage de base :

  • Service de coordonatrice mariage
  • Emplacement de la cérémonie (sur la plage, chapelle, gazebo, terrace, jardin…)
  • Décoration de base pour le lieu de votre cérémonie
  • Musique durant la cérémonie
  • Cocktail (toast de célébration)
  • Souper semi-privé
  • Gâteau de mariage
  • Bouquet pour la mariée
  • boutonnière pour le marié
  • Célébrant (mariage symbolique)
  • ministre (mariage légal)

Ce que vous pouvez ajouter en extra à votre forfait mariage :

  • Coiffeuse
  • Maquilleuse
  • Pédicure
  • Manucure
  • Service de préparation de la robe de mariage
  • Photographe mariage
  • Bacherolette party/Bachelor party
  • Souper privé
  • Réception privée (sur la plage, balroom, le jardin, gazebo, terrasse sur le toit…)
  • Feux d’artifice
  • Dj
  • Groupe de musique (band live)
  • Piste de danse illuminée
  • Projecteur pour une présentation vidéo
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