Palladium Wedding Packages Hindu Wedding

Indian wedding destination Jamaica – Oriental Wedding – Sikh wedding – South asia inspiration by Shaadi

 Indian wedding package start at 8,700 USD ( 4 hour event )

Palladium wedding package


Celebrate your love match with Palladium Resorts. Make your dream a reality by letting Palladium Resorts honor your traditions. These resorts offer the Shaddi, Royal Bliss wedding package. This wedding package includes 4 luxurious days of events for you and your guests.


Here’s what the Shaadi Royal Bliss package includes:


  • Godness Mendhi Party


Celebrate your “Godness Party” at a chic cocktail party designed by Karen Bussen. Famous and renowned for his weddings. For starters you will have a Mendhi artist to paint your hands and feet with gorgeous Henna tribal. During the evening, you and your guests will enjoy breathtaking scenery, traditional hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and pastries.

  • Sangeet/Garba/ Music night with Pitti


Dance, sing all night and all night with your family and friends, at this Sangeet party in a chic and stylish atmosphere. Every detail is taken carefully.

  • Barrat and wedding ceremony


Exchange your wedding wishes in a heavenly setting and under a breathtaking Mandap. choose a wedding on the beach or the Atrium of Angels. Your ceremony will be celebrated in traditional rites, with flowers and details created exclusively by the Palladium Designate, Karen Bussen.

  • Vivah Wedding Reception and South Asian Dinner


Celebrate your first morning as Mr and Mrs your superb private reception determined by you. With an incredible range of colors and a special meal cooked for you by an Indian chief.

*** Inclusions and rates of wedding packages are subject to change without notice. We try to keep the information up to date.

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