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Hindu Wedding at Am Resort Hotels


The hotel chain AM Resorts offers you its Shaadi wedding package in its following hotels:


  • Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun
  • Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa
  • Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa
  • Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun


The Shaadi package includes 6 days of events. For a 6-day event you need a minimum of 75 people.

Here’s how your dream week will be in these participating hotels.


Day 1 (Afternoon Mehndi)

  • Special place for the bride (and guests if desired) with pillows and draperies.
  • Tables covered in white linen with cocktails
  • Delectable hors d’oeuvres
  • Non-alcoholic beverage station. Including the cocktail created in the image of the couple.


Day 2 (Welcome Dinner / Sangeet / Garba)

  • A complete floor reserved and decorated with colored sheets for the couple.
  • Station for three options entries
  • Salad bar offering several types of cuisine if desired.
  • Two choices of desserts.
  • Tables and chairs covered with white linen.


Day 3 (Baraat)

  • Your destination wedding coordinator will be there to help you with the organization and the process.


Day 4 (Ceremony)

  • Decorated and colorful location.
  • Tiffany style chairs for guests
  • Choice of Tiffany style pillows for family members who will attend the ceremony.
  • Cold beverage station for the ceremony.The shoes are not allowed during the ceremony, so there will be a place on the beach for the deposited.


Day 5 (Dinner “Post” ceremony)

  • Buffet serving a choice of 3 vegetarian dishes
  • Cold beverage station
  • Station of two choices of desserts
  • Tables and chairs covered with white linen.


Day 6 (Reception and Dinner)

  • An intimate and colorful “Stage” for the married couple
  • Colorful linen decorated tables and Tiffany style chairs.
  • Full buffet and a salad bar. Cuisine prepared by a chef specializing in Indian cuisine.
  • Private Bar with the service of a “Barman”.
  • Dessert station and the wedding cake chosen by the newlyweds from your wedding coordinator.

Note that for Sikh weddings, it is possible to have a Sikh (priest) celebrant for the occasion. Remember that to get the service of a Sikh lender, you need to budget $ 3,000 more.


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